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AOD 9604



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AOD 9604 is a derivative of human growth hormone (HGH) that has shown promise as a lipolytic (fat-burning) compound in studies. It is a modified version of the HGH fragment 176-191, which itself is a smaller albeit modified version of HGH.

Clinical research has shown that AOD 9604 induces significant weight loss in obese persons. In animal studies, this synthetic peptide improved joint pain and reduced disability. AOD 9604 exhibits minimal side effects and high bioavailability in mice.


What Is AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 is a synthetic peptide that is derived from the lipolytic (fat-burning) domain of HGH. It was originally developed as an anti-obesity drug due to its ability to stimulate the breakdown of body fat and reduce the accumulation of obese fat cells in the body.

Clinical research suggests that AOD 9604 possesses anti-obesity properties. In a 12-week human study, this synthetic peptide induced an average weight loss of 2.8 kilograms in obese individuals. The rate of weight loss remained steady throughout the treatment period.

Five more clinical trials have been performed with AOD 9604, including two intravenous (IV) and one oral dosing pilot studies. This synthetic peptide was found to be safe and well-tolerated in all the trials. No withdrawal or serious adverse event occurred in any study. [R][R]

Preclinical studies also report that AOD 9604 stimulates weight loss. Notably, in all animal experiments, no antibodies to AOD 9604 developed. This indicates that it might not produce an immune response from the body and thus may not pose any allergy concerns. [R]


How Does AOD 9604 Work?

AOD 9604 works by mimicking the effects of HGH on lipid metabolism. However, unlike HGH, a larger molecule, the much smaller AOD 9604 stimulates fat reduction without inducing insulin resistance or increasing blood sugar levels. [R][R]

A study using obese mice revealed another possible working mechanism of AOD 9604. It reported that this synthetic peptide might partially function by increasing the repressed levels of beta-3-adrenoreceptor RNA expression, a protein expressed in various tissues. [R]


AOD 9604 Research

Multiple clinical and preclinical studies have examined the potential effects of this synthetic peptide. These studies have mainly examined the effects of AOD 9604 on body weight, lipid metabolism (fat release, and bone and cartilage repair.

Here are the key findings:


1) AOD 9604 and Weight Loss Research

Multiple clinical studies have shown that AOD 9604 could cause weight loss by stimulating lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). Various preclinical investigations have also reported significant weight reductions induced by chronic treatment with AOD 9604. [R]

A 2004 human study revealed that AOD 9604 induces significant weight loss with no evidence of the side effects experienced with available obesity drugs. It reported that the participants (obese individuals) experienced an average weight loss of 2.8 kg over 12 weeks. [R]

Five more clinical trials have been conducted using AOD 9604 since then. This synthetic peptide was shown to induce weight loss in four out of them. However, it failed to reduce body weight in one study in which an intensive diet and exercise regimen was incorporated. [R]


2) AOD 9604 and Joint Pain Research

A rat study has shown that combining intra-articular injections of AOD 9604 with existing therapies can improve joint pain, minimize disability, and improve quality of life.

The study also reported that injections of AOD 9604 directly into arthritic joints enhanced cartilage regeneration, targeting osteoarthritis’s root cause. However, combining AOD 9604 injections with existing therapies was more effective in reducing joint dysfunction. [R]

Clinical research is needed to examine the potential utility of AOD 9604 for osteoarthritis patients.


3) AOD 9604 and Heart Health Research

Although its direct effects on heart health are yet to be examined, AOD 9604 may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by decreasing the fat burden.

In preclinical studies, this synthetic peptide has been found to stimulate lipolysis and inhibit lipogenesis (fat production). Reportedly, its fat-reducing effects aren’t followed by insulin resistance, which contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. [R][R]


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the half-life of AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 is reported to have a relatively short half-life of three to five minutes. This means it lasts less long in the bloodstream than regular HGH, which has a plasma half-life of 21 minutes. [R]


Does AOD 9604 Increase Muscle Mass?

No clinical or preclinical studies show that AOD 9604 can increase muscle mass.


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AOD (Advanced Obesity Drug) 9604 is a derivative of human growth hormone with fat-burning properties. Studies have shown that it induces weight reduction by targeting excessive adipose tissues (fat tissues). This synthetic peptide also improved bone health in a rabbit osteoarthritis model. sells AOD 9604 peptide for laboratory and research use only.


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